AL Mayor V4 & V5 Sliding Drop-Out Inserts 1.5


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Replacement Sliding Drop-Out Inserts for 2019-2021 RSD Mayor V4 & V5 Aluminum

Aluminum CNC Machine 7000 series Sliding Inserts
Sliding Insert Thickness: 17mm Each Side

Mayor V4 & V5 Rear Spacing: 197mm
Required Axle: 229mm x 1.5


Sliding Drop-out
Complete – $125 CAD
Ground Shipping – $22 CAD
Includes: Hanger Slider, IS Brake Slider, 4 x M8 Bolts, 2 x M5 Tensioner Screws and Wheels
Hanger Slider Only – $75 CAD
Ground Shipping – $22 CAD
Includes: Hanger Slider, 2 x M8 Bolts

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