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After all of the pre-orders shipped, we will have some inventory left and we will again accept new orders.

Note: Frame Only orders received after Feb 5th do not include the headset. $35 USD/$45 CAD rebate will be applied

Delivery is expected between March 9th and March 19thNEW March 25th to April 2nd.

Pre-Order for October delivery here

March 21st, 2021 – Mayor V5 Raw Colourway Notice
To our valued customers – we understand that the wait has been long and frustrating, but the time is almost at hand to ship out your new Mayor v5 fat bikes. Shipping will commence as early as next week, with but one exception. Unfortunately, a part of our shipment is trailing slightly behind – that which contains all of the Mayor v5 aluminum Raw Finish bikes. These will ship out soon after, approximately two weeks from this notice. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience to those of you that have ordered this colourway. These delays are completely out of our control, but we will be sure to post updates as soon as we receive them.

March 21st, 2021 – Mayor V5 and MiddleChild Shipping Notices
All customers with pre-orders have been contacted, and have been made aware that the shipments of both bikes are arriving together from overseas. It was also previously stated that Mayor v5 bikes will ship first, and that the queue has been determined by which orders were received, first to last.

For those of you with MiddleChild 2020 orders, we ask that you please remain patient while we undertake Mayor fat bike shipments. Our priority is to ensure that everyone’s orders are fulfilled in the shortest time possible, so during this hectic busy period, we may refrain from responding immediately to email inquiries, as is our custom. We thank you for your continued patience and understanding, and ask that you stand by for updates which will surely be forthcoming to all of you with pending orders.

January 31st, 2021 – Specs & Price Change Notice
Due to the extensive lead times being offered by certain components manufacturers, the original specifications/build kits for this bike have been changed. So that we may be able to deliver complete bikes as scheduled, per our shipping updates, certain parts have been swapped out for those with shorter lead times. In each case, we have attempted to make substitutions that do not compromise the integrity of each build. Pricing has changed accordingly.

Important: Notwithstanding any change of specifications, pricing on all bikes will have to be adjusted to reflect the increases in the cost of manufacturing and shipping. This is unfortunate, but no manufacturer – large or small – will be unaffected by the strain on the global supply chain. We are doing our absolute best to keep our costs and timelines as close to original estimates as possible.

The price changes are effective immediately, and have been applied to all affected bikes, including those on pre-order.


Pricing: (NEW)

1x11CF – Now 1x11NX CF
$2099.00 CAD / $1799.00 USD
Complete w/Dropper: $2399.00 CAD / $2049.00 USD
1x11MF – Now 1x11NX MF
Complete: $2499.00 CAD / $2099.00 USD
Complete w/Dropper: $2799.00 CAD / $2349.00 USD
1x12CF – Now 1x11SLX CF
$2469.00 CAD / $2054.00 USD
Complete w/Dropper: $2769.00 CAD / $2304.00 USD
1x12MF – Now 1x11SLX MF
$2869.00 CAD / $2354.00 USD
Complete w/Dropper: $3169.00 CAD / $2604.00 USD

Frame / RSD Carbon Fork Combo: $1099.00 CAD / $939.00 USD + Shipping
Frame / Mastodon Fork Combo: $1499.00 CAD / $1239.00 USD + Shipping
Frame Only: $749.00 CAD / $639.00 USD + Shipping
RSD Carbon Fork: $399.00 CAD / $349.00 USD + Shipping


Use of Coupon Codes

Orders for In-Stock Items: Coupon codes may ONLY be used on regular-priced items at the time of the original purchase. Coupon codes are not valid for sale-priced items, and may not be applied retroactively. Cancelled orders that are in process are subject to the $35 administration fee and a 10% restocking fee, so please make sure to have your ducks lined up at the time your order is placed, if you would like to take advantage of a coupon code discount.

Pre-orders ONLY: Should you neglect to enter a coupon code at the time of your pre-order purchase, you will have a grace period of five (5) days to get in touch with us for an adjustment, which will take place once your order is ready to ship. Cancelations are subject to the $35 admin fee. No Exceptions past the 5 days.

Use of a VPN

We highly recommend that if you currently use a VPN, to please disable it temporarily during the ordering process. Our website requires your location at the time of checkout in order to be processed in the correct currency.

Should you fail to disable your VPN, the site may check you out in the wrong currency. If that occurs, your order will be cancelled and a refund will be issued, minus a $35 administration fee, that will be automatically deducted from the refund.

Use of Visa/Mastercard Pre-Paid or Gift Cards

Whether you are placing a pre-order or simply just an order, the use of gift cards is acceptable but only under these conditions:
Should you need to cancel an order after the fact and require a refund, the refund can ONLY be refunded to the original card number used for the original order. WITHOUT ANY EXCEPTIONS
It cannot be refunded to any other cards or any other form of payments.
Should you need to cancel your order and your refund cannot be refunded to the original card used, the purchase amount paid will be recorded as a credit only towards a future purchase only at

We will confirm all orders within 24hrs. No orders or sales are binding or final until confirmed by phone or email. 


The $250 CAD/USD price is a Pre-Order deposit ONLY. THIS IS NOT THE PRICE OF A COMPLETE BIKE OR FRAME. The Pre-Order Deposit is required in order to secure/reserve a particular size, colour or build. A total of $100 from the $250 Pre-Order Deposit is non-refundable. The remaining balance can be refunded at any time, subject to our Cancellation Policy outlined below.

When placing a Pre-Order, the deposit amount will be deducted from the total price of the bike or frame and the Total Balance, minus any Pre-Order Deposit, will be due prior to shipping.

When placing a Pre-Order, the wording “In Stock” does not mean the product is physically in stock and ready to ship, but instead it refers to having available future inventory to be sold during the Pre-Order Deposit period. It is only physically in stock once the Pre-Order Deposit status has been lifted and the product is posted with the MSRP, as opposed to the Pre-Order Deposit amount.

Pre-Order Fulfilment Notice: All pre-orders must be completed within five (5) business days from first email notice of availability/shipping confirmation. In the event that you cannot make contact with us to arrange full payment to complete your order within such time, your pre-order hold will be released, and your deposit will be refunded, minus applicable fees, by the same method of initial payment.


U.S.A. Only:  For U.S. customers located in the Lower 48 States – all taxes, duties and shipping costs are included in the posted Shop price. The bike or frame is delivered with no additional cost.

If you are located outside the Lower 48 States, shipping costs will be added at checkout. Taxes and duties, however, are included in the posted price.

Located in Western Europe? We have negotiated favourable rates, please email us for a shipping quote.

Shipments sent outside of Canada or the United States DOES NOT include taxes, VAT, duties, brokerage, ect… . The buyer is responsible for these fees and rates will vary from country to country.

Orders generally ship within 1 to 3 business days and can take from 1 day up to 5 business days to be delivered, based on location:
North America East Coast – 1 to 3 days
North America Central – 2 to 4 days
North America West Coast – 3 to 5 days

Shipping Cost Within Canada’s 10 Provinces:
Complete Bikes – Free shipping on Regular Priced Bikes Only ($110 CAD value)
Frame-Only Option – $50 CAD

Shipping Cost Within the USA’s Lower 48 States:
Complete Bikes – Free shipping on Regular Priced Bikes Only ($130 USD value)
Frame Only Option – $70 USD

For shipping to remote or rural areas within Canada’s 10 Provinces and the Lower 48 States of the U.S.A., a shipping surcharge will apply to any order.

If you are located in a remote or rural location, you may either:

1 – reach out to us before making your purchase to get a quote on the extra shipping charges

2 – place your order online and we will contact you within 24 hours with the surcharge invoice
To date, we’ve only seen surcharges run between $15 to $100, at most.

Outside these shipping areas? Email us for a quote:

For all International orders, ONLY the USD price applies. CAD price is for Canadian residents only.


Order cancellations for any reason whatsoever, are subject to a $35 administration fee.

In addition to the administration fee, a 10% restocking fee, up to a maximum of $250 per order, will apply to ANY order that is cancelled within fifteen (15) calendar days of the original posted shipping date, outlined in the original order confirmation. Unforeseen delays beyond the control of RSD Bikes will not alter or invalidate the schedule of cancellation.

Cancellation at any time will result in item(s) being released back to general stock immediately, to be made available for purchase on the RSD Bikes webstore for the next order(s) in the queue.

Please review the following:
Warranty, Returns Policy, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy

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